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Areas of Law: Election & Campaign Law, Constitutional/Government/Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate.

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Areas of service include:

Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Oceano, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Los Osos, Paso Robles, Shandon, Creston, Bradley, Cambria, San Miguel, California Valley, Cuyama, and Guadalupe.

Real Estate Attorney:

General Counsel for Andres Realty Company. Industrial Leases, Commercial Leases, Easements, Lot Line Adjustments, Property Tax Issues.


Estate Planning Attorney:

Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Powers of Attorney over Assets, Healthcare Directives, Pet Trusts

Conflict of Interest:

Assisting, advising and representing candidates, office holders and citizens concerning governmental conflicts of interest issues.

Constitutional / Governmental / Municipal Law Attorney:

Public Interest protection of Constitutional & Bill of Rights litigation, Ralph M. Brown Act, Public Records Act, Taxpayer & Citizen Lawsuits, Private Attorney General challenges to District, City, County or California regulations, ordinances and statutes.

Filing and Qualification of Candidates and Measures:

Advising about, defending and challenging the qualification of candidates and measures for the ballot.

Laws and Regulations concerning Ballot Statements of Candidates and of Initiative and Referenda Proponents and Opponents.

Voter Registration, Ballot Counting:

Counsel and assistance building and defending Voter Registration campaigns.  Advice for folks to defend or challenge legitimacy and accuracy of votes and ballot count process and accuracy.


Counsel and representation of citizens through the redistricting process and challenges to District, City & County redistricting maps.

Election, Voting, Redistricting and Campaign Law Attorney:

Initiative and Referendum: Advising and assisting folks bringing or opposing petitions for direct democracy adoption or challenges to ordinances, resolutions and regulations through Initiative and Referendum.  Advise and assist voters with Recall petitions and processes.

Campaign Finance: Advising and assisting candidates and political action committees.

Quo Warranto: Advising and assisting voters apply for, and bringing action, to remove any person who usurps or holds public office unlawfully.